Bridgestone Battlax T31 180/55-17

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Bridgestone Battlax T31 Evo 180/55-17

A significant improvements in wet performance leads to a feeling of safety.
The ideal sports touring radial, able to cope with a wide variety of riding conditions.
Provides confidence in riding even in adverse conditions such as rain or changing road surfaces. The wet performance of the SPORT TOURING T31 has been greatly improved. In particular, shorter braking distances on wet road surfaces and enhanced cornering grip give the rider increased confidence. Naturally, the tire also offers handling accuracy and high-speed stability on dry road surfaces. The ideal sports radial, capable of coping with the wide range of conditions that confront riders over a variety of road surfaces.

Recommended for:
● Riders who enjoy riding on winding road with a touring motorcycle.
● Riders who enjoy riding a super sports bike with touring tires.
● Riders who want high performance in wet conditions.
● Riders who want to ride safely even when caught in unexpected rainfall

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