Triple Stich

No matter how good and tough the materials we use, no item of clothing is stronger than its seams. If the seams rip, these fantastic materials instantly lose all the amazing properties developed through thousands of hours of research and experience. That is why we take stitching so seriously. We have worked long and hard to develop and test various stitching methods that ensure the very best results. The dilemma is that if there are too few stitches, the thread can easily snap under pressure, while too many stitches weakens the leather. After extensive testing, we hit upon a technique that guarantees maximum durability. This requires a carefully calculated number of stitches, three seams suitably spaced, and sturdy and durable thread for stitching it all together. One or two of the seams can be concealed for a more aesthetically-pleasing end product. We call this technique Triple Stitch.